Philippa Cottam Communication Clinic

About the Dysarthria Groups

We have two dysarthria groups one on Friday mornings and the other is currently on Wednesday mornings.

The Friday group is led by Drs Catherine Tattersall & Kate Trott.

The Friday morning group provides individual sessions for clients for the first hour and then a group activity for the second hour. The individual sessions are provided by students under supervision from qualified therapists. It allows students to develop their skills whilst also providing specialised input for clients with motor speech difficulties due to stroke, Parkinson's disease or other causes. Clients are usually referred to the group by their NHS speech therapist. For some individuals attending the group we work with the NHS therapist to complement their input. The majority of clients in this group are no longer receiving speech therapy through the NHS but would still like to practice their speech and communication skills and socialise with others in a supportive environemnt.

The Wednesday group is led by students and supervised by Dr Catherine Tattersall

The Wednesday morning group encourages clients to practice their communication skills in a friendly and supportive environment. Individual therapy is not provided as part of this group. Activities are arranged by our second year undergraduate students and clients and students decide on the aims of each session together.

For further information, contact Jacqui Watson on
or on the phone 0114 222 22418, or download one of our information leaflets here:
Wednesday Group Leaflet
Friday Group Leaflet

You can download a referral form here:
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