Philippa Cottam Communication Clinic

About the Memory and Life Story Clinic

This clinic is led by
Dr Catherine Tattersall
Emma Yarwood
andDr Jane Mckeown

It is a multidisciplinary group, Catherine is a Speech and Language Therapist, Emma is an Occupational Therapist and Jane is a Senior Nurse.

This group is held on Wednesday afternoons during semester times and provides memory and Life Story input to individuals with dementia or memory difficulties and their families and/or carers.

Students studying to be nurses or speech therapists provide input under the guidance of experienced clinicians. Most individuals work with student partners to develop their Life Story. Some prefer to come for a chat and reminisce, or practise communication. After the individual sessions there is an opportunity to talk to others in the group over tea and coffee.

A research project developed with people who have attended the group looking at word finding difficulties in people with dementia has been supported by the Alzhiemer's Society. Information about this study can be found here: Word finding study.

Further information about Life Story Work can be found here:Told in South Yorkshire.

Information about our group was presented at the Dementia Congress in 2017. You can see the slides here: Dementia Congress Talk.

For further information about our group please contactEmma Yarwood
0114 222 2414
or Catherine Tattersall
0114 222 2446
or download our information sheet: Informtion sheet