Philippa Cottam Communication Clinic

About the Aphasia Centre

This centre is led by Dr Ruth Herbert and Janet Walmsley who are speech and language therapists.

It runs on Thursday mornings and afternoons and provides therapy input to individuals with aphasia.

The work at the Aphasia Centre is jointly funded by the Tavistock Trust for Aphasia and the Department of Human Communication Sciences at the University of Sheffield. Please click here:
The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia to find out more.

Students are involved in providing input under the guidance of experienced clinicians. Both group and individual sessions are available.

Please click here to view a video about the Aphasia Centre:
Aphasia Centre Video

Sternberg Award for the Aphasia Centre

Janet and Ruth who run the Aphasia Centre have been awarded the Sternberg Clinical Innovation Award in 2015.

This award is from the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists. The award recognises the novel and extremely enjoyable experience offered to people with aphasia in the Centre. Thank you from Janet and Ruth to everyone who has attended the Centre. In particular to the people with aphasia, who make students feel at ease, and help them learn about aphasia. We are very grateful to you all.

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