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Aphasia Centre - People

The following people are involved in the Aphasia Clinic

Janet Walmsley
is a highly specialist speech and language therapist.

Janet works with people after stroke in her NHS job.

She also works with people with aphasia in the clinic.

She supervises students and manages the clinic.
Ruth Herbert
is a speech and language therapist.

Ruth is also a senior lecturer and carries out research in aphasia.

She has a special interest in problems with word finding.
About 8 people with aphasia come to each clinic session.

Most people had a stroke some years ago.

Some had a different kind of brain injury.

People come to work on their personal goals.

They also come to sit and relax and meet other people.

Some of the families of people with aphasia also attend.

Families volunteer to help out for example in the café.

Families are also welcome to attend the sessions to learn about the aims and how to help with them.
About 16 students attend each session.

Students have all had at least one year's experience before they come to the clinic.

Students are training to become speech and language therapists.

Janet supervises all the students.
Volunteers attend to help out and make the café run well.

Volunteers have attended training on aphasia.

They have real interests in meeting people and making a difference.
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