Philippa Cottam Communication Clinic

About the Parkinson's Voice Volume Group

This clinic is led by Dr Kate Trott & Carla Rohde
Speech and Language Therapists and LSVT-certified clinicians

The Parkinson's Voice Volume Group group meets weekly on Friday afternoons, for ten-week blocks, during semester time.

People in the group are usually referred to us from local NHS Speech and Language Therapists for regular support and practice with their voice. Some people in the group have previously completed the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) programme. They can benefit from our weekly ongoing support and activities, to help maintain their new loud voice. Other people in the group have not completed the LSVT programme but benefit from learning techniques for maintaining a good voice.

Sessions take place from 2pm to 3:30pm, including time for refreshments and informal chat, allowing members to immediately use the techniques which they have been practising. Session fees are currently £3.50 per person, per session. Community Transport can be provided if required, on request.

Please see the leaflet available below for specific dates and further information.

For further information, please contact Jacqui Watson on
the phone 0114 222 22418, or download our information leaflet here: Information leaflet